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83) Everyday Heroes 3- Creation of Sristi - Sri Aurobindos Action Journal

The creation of “Sristi”
Growing up in an orphanage for disabled and non disabled children for over fifteen summers, Karthikeyan G. learnt one important principle of life- All humans are equal.  He grew up sharing all moments of togetherness, joy and responsibility with his big family at the orphanage.  Growing up he had to reconcile with the harsh truth that the world outside was not as adaptive or co-operative to the intellectually and physically disabled as was his home. Overcoming all odds he went on to successfully complete his academic education and became a psychologist.  One would easily assume that this was the pivotal achievement in the life of a child growing up in an orphanage. Well, Kartikeyan or Sristi Karthik as he is now often called, was not the one who would sit idle for he had a great mission on his hands.
He had realized that there was a stubborn wall of discrimination in the society that separated the so called ‘normal’ individuals from those with special needs. His siblings from the orphanage had to face excessive hurdles in their attempts towards leading a self-reliant life of dignity.  And so he returned and he decided to do something about it. He set up the Sristi foundation to enable and empower the disabled individuals to stand firmly in the society.
The Sristi foundation has three wings: The Sristi Village, Sristi Special School and Sristi Vocational Training Centre. In 2013 The Sristi Foundation generated funds from friends, supporters and volunteers to purchase 8.39 acres of cultivable land just outside Kunamangalam Village. The Members of Sristi village participate actively in the various agricultural projects that have stemmed up and adhere to the traditional South Indian as well as the modern organic farming practices. The Sristi special school aims at providing holistic education to the children with special needs and the aim of the vocational training centre is to empower the disabled to lead a holistic life with self-respect.
The main purpose of the Sristi is to provide an opportunity for intellectually disabled persons and equip them with some basic skills so that they can be in a position to generate their own income or at least become partially independent.  The residents of Sristi Village live in a hut made of bamboo and mud. A solar water pump provides water to this 100% eco friendly village.  Corn and millets are the main crops growing at the moment and new projects such as mushroom farming and an apiary are in the pipeline for want of funds. You will be happy to note that the first step towards setting up of a dairy at Sristi village was made when generous donors donated a cow Nisha and her beautiful daughter Lakshmi! This was really exciting news at Sristi as the produced milk (after feeding Lakshmi of course), would further the foundation’s aims of attaining self-sufficiency.
At 32, the young hero and founding director of Sristi Village has got just the right blend of energy and experience to materialize his altruistic dream. His work has already begun to get recognized nationally and internationally. For those who may be interested to know or support this wonderful project, Do visit the place! I am sure you will see Karthik welcoming you with a  brilliant smile wider than the skies:

Pondy-Mailam Road, Thazhuthali Village Tindivanam T.k.,
Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu – 604 304,India
E-mail: sristivillage@gmail.com

82) Dora's Article -Everyday Heroes: Article 2 from Sri Aurobindo's Action

“Love alone can put an end to the sufferings of the world” – The Mother
Action can begin anywhere and the story of Dora Vandana is a remarkable inspiration that can even stir a stone into action. Surrounded by tubes in the cancer ward of JIPMER hospital she fought death and won and came up with a novel idea of setting up an organization – Quilling Cancer.org ! What was just an idea soon became a reality with the help of friends and family who sourced quilling paper, glue and the other things necessary into her ward.
From the diary of Dora Vandana: Her Cancer Soul
“She was a happy and beautiful soul until that day. Her blood results showed possible blasts
which meant she had to undergo bone marrow tests to confirm if she had the dreadful Blood
Cancer or not. Her perfect little world shattered into a million pieces the moment she heard the
news. She thought this was the end. Giving up seemed more easier than fighting back. The
doctors explained about the treatment process i.e. chemotherapy. None of what they said seemed
to make sense. Why me? Why now? Am I being punished for something I did?  She had all
strange questions in her mind. She couldn't stop crying. She didn’t know if crying actually helped
but that was all she could do for the next couple of days.
She was surrounded by loved ones as soon as they heard the news. She could not utter a word to
any of them. All she did was hugging them and cry. Slowly she started seeing the loved ones -
family and friends around her and realized she had so much to live for. She was neither ready to
leave them nor ready to let go of everything. She wanted to be a part of all her loved ones lives
for many years to come. It was then she realized she had a reason to live, a purpose to strive.
She saw a little girl. That little one did not look different from any other 5 year old, but this one
was different. They were both stuck in the same oncology ward. She was drawn to the little one’s
energy and zest for life. She also met doctors who strive 24/7. All they ever wanted was that their
patients should get well. They not only treated her disease but helped her to stay happy and
remain positive throughout this ordeal. Neither the little one nor the doctors may know that in
her most crucial time, they were her true heroes.
She had to go through 4 intense cycles of chemotherapy. She had excruciating pain which made
her want to scream, which she in fact did most of the time. It was 5 long months of being locked
up inside a hospital room. She was in hospital for her most favorite holidays of the year -
Christmas, New Year and Easter. She just wished these holidays to be better next year.
She spent more time with family. She didn’t have a choice. She learnt to pray again. The days
were painful. She wished to be dead than undergoing all this. But she survived each day and this
gave her faith. She believed in the existence of God. She considered herself blessed because she
didn't have to go through any of this alone. She had a loving and supporting family and friends.
Without them she was not sure what the outcome would have been.
After 5 long months in hospital she was home again. It felt good to be home. But when she
looked at herself in mirror she saw an ugly bald and fat shapeless figure. She was no longer
pretty. She couldn’t recognize the image in front of her. She was too shy to go out or meet new

people. But only she knew what her body went through. She realized it didn’t matter how she
looked because her loved ones continued to love her. Although she was happy to be home and
happy to be in remission she couldn’t sleep at nights. She was too scared to close her eyes and
sleep. She thought she would wake up with Cancer again. She couldn’t bear the thought of
having to go through all this again. With each passing day she said to herself even if she had to
go through all of this again she wouldn’t be alone. She would still have her family and friends
Cancer changed her whole outlook of life. She didn’t realize how much she took life and health
for granted until she knew hers was in jeopardy. Everyone said she was courageous throughout
but she thought it was survival and anyone would have done the same.
But looking back at it today, she realized it did take courage and strength to face Cancer the way
she did. Until then Cancer meant death but now she had a whole new definition for it. Cancer
made her realize it didn’t matter how she looked or what odds she had to face- she was ever
ready to face them all. She now considers each day as a blessing.
She not only survived but evolved as a warrior...!!!!”
Today Quilling Cancer.org’s facebook page has, in a short time received over 500 likes and over
200 orders for her designer beads and fusion jhumkas which she designed at the hospital. And on
the eve of August she donated her first 100 sets of coloring books and crayons for the children
who were admitted in the cancer ward.
About the immortal Self it is said in the Bhagavad Gita in the verses 23 and 24 of the Second

That which no weapon can decapitate
That which no inferno can incinerate
That which even the waters can wet not
And which the mighty winds can dry not |23|
This ‘Self’ indestructible and incombustible
Is immutable, imperishable and insoluble
In its inertial stillness it is omnipresent
Ageless and timeless, everywhere it is present |24|

Her page information reads: “We Quill to Kill the psychosis that comes with Cancer. The
proceeds of the sales amounts that come from our quilling go to help the cancer victims.”

Whosoever may be interested can visit https://www.facebook.com/quillingcancer

81) Everyday Heroes: From driving Auto-rickshaws to driving change - Sri Aurobindo's Action- July 2015 Issue

A little upset at being over-charged, I ranted to a friend that all auto rickshaw drivers in Pondicherry are the same. He very politely cut me off and told me that all are not the same. He then went on further to tell me of the story of one man- that not only left me misty eyed but also taught me a very valuable life lesson- to never make stereotypical generalizations. And it is this wonderful man’s life’s story that I wish to proudly share with the readers.
I am thankful to the editors of Sri Aurobindo’s Action for the opportunity to write about him as I feel that even though he himself doesn’t seek any name or recognition, his work demands to be recognized by the society.

Mr.Mohan, an ordinary auto rickshaw driver who being true to his profession-regularly ferried all his customers with the love and respect that they deserved. His customers came from all walks of life and ranged from little school children and youngsters to adults and senior citizens. Every customer who boarded his auto rickshaw, boarded in with a mini-world of his own. To put in his own words he learnt a thousand different things about life from his interactions with the customers.
It was during his observations that he understood that the most neglected section of the society was that of the aged, especially in the lower income households. He used to come across a lot of destitute lying on the streets badly in need for medical assistance and it was then that he firmly resolved to look after at least one elderly person in his life.

In 2002, despite his financial limitations, he founded the Sharon Society of Pondicherry to further his cause and in 2008 – with ten inmates he started the Pushapagandhi home for the aged and the destitute by acquiring a rented home for addressing their food, accommodation, clothing and medical needs free of cost. He did not receive any government aid for his service and later on was forced to leave his profession as an auto driver so that he may be able to focus towards his social calling.
Apart from these ventures, he also organizes blood camps, de-addiction counseling for druggists and smokers, reconciliation of families through counseling, tailoring and embroidery training for women etc. and also has recently started a centre for special children. He has also received many awards for his work but he likes to work silently.

Today despite being 55 and suffering a heart-attack in 2011 owing to an unexpected demise of a beloved friend, Mr.Mohan, along with his wife and their lovely three year old daughter- dedicates his time performing service- life’s greatest purpose and continues to work towards his dream of setting up a self-sufficient home for Sharon Society. A generous benefactor recently gave Sharon Society a land of 4250 sq.ft to realize the dream!

Will you not visit him sometime to see and support the wonderful work he is doing?
For those in Pondicherry who wish to visit him,
PushpaGandhi Home for the Aged. No. 41, 3rd Cross, Kurinji Nagar, Lawspet, Puducherry – 605008. E-mail : sharonmohan.org@gmail.com
“Love has no need to destroy in order to transform. It has the direct power of transformation”
-          The Mother

80) Story- The Spirit of the game- Sri Aurobindo's Action- April 2015 Issue (?)

Story: The Spirit of the game

The young boy was in tears. He had been practicing for many months for his school’s badminton tournament but he had lost in the very first round.
His opponent had beaten him so comfortably that the boy felt completely demoralized when he returned home.
His father who was a former champion of the game saw him entering and putting on a long face. So He asked him-“How did the match go? Did you have fun?”
The boy replied-“I lost and I have had enough. I am not going to play the game anymore. I will always lose!”
The father said: “But playing a sport is not about winning or losing.”
The boy quipped: “It is easy for you to say that. You always won! How can you say that the game is not about winning?”
The father replied: “Aah! I use to think the same way in the beginning. But everything changed after I saw the perfect match. ”
Anxiously, the boy asked: “The perfect match, really? What happened then? Please tell me”
The father smiled and gestured to the chair next to him: “Of course. I would love to. Have a seat and listen closely-

Many years ago when I was your age, I had got an opportunity to see the women’s finals of a national tournament. I was very excited as my coach had told me that both the players were amongst the best in the world and one amongst them was someone who had learnt the game at my home court.

I had gone there just to see her play and learn from her. So, I found a seat for myself that gave me a complete view of all her movements and I had even brought a scribbling pad to jot down my observations. And finally, the announcements were made-the referee and line umpires had taken their respective positions and the final game of the tournament began:-

“The player descended unto her court. She then closed her eyes for a moment. And when she opened them, her entire world - with all its chaos, anxiety and excitement had vanished.

She walked to the center and with a silent nod acknowledging the presence of her opponent (who would soon witness the spectacle). She then took her stance. She did not feel the aggressive fire within her that normally accompanied the adrenaline rush. Instead she felt an altogether new emotion, as she said a small prayer to the mother, - A slow cool fire arose within, cloaking her entire being. Every cell in her body spoke of only one word - Love. And the game began -with a love for all.

Everyone watched stunned, for never before had they witnessed such a performance. It was not a match.
It was a dance - A dance of force and love in consecration to the lord. Every stroke was beautiful in itself - deliberate and complete. The fastest of smashes and the most delicate of drops both conveyed the underlying fluid grace.

And her rhythmic movement - had a music of its own. She was nobody's nemesis, even her opponent felt no despair. For they were both very much a part of the duet of forces- which brought joy to every eye that could see and every ear that could hear. Everybody was a part of this - this glorious moment that would remain frozen in time. There was no Loser.

There was only one winner - The manifesting spirit of the game and that winner was the one in all. In the eye of the player who won the final point. In the eye of the other player who felt grateful to be a part of the event. And in the eyes of the spectators who witnessed the joy of being a part of it.

And that son, was the perfect game. It was neither about winning nor losing. It was about the blossoming of the inner spirit, about progressing physically and mentally towards perfection. And that is how any game must be played!

Now, I believe I won’t see you crying again just because you lost a match, will I?”

The boy said with a bright smile: “ Of course not. Okay then, I think I have to go now. I will be back soon.”

The father asked: “Where are you going now?”

“I have to go watch the rest of the tournament and cheer the other friends of mine who are playing. Bye now” – grinning cheekily, the boy ran back to the court.

79) To Know the Divine- Feb 2015, Sri Aurobindo's Action

To Know the Divine:
The gentle breeze bid farewell to the hot and muggy afternoon, announcing the arrival of the evening.
And the little boy sat before the Master as usual. Fortunately for him, this had become a routine and he was grateful to his stars for making such a change in his life possible.

Every evening, the boy would sit next to his master’s chair andlisten to his master’s discourses with rapt attention.Discussions with the Master had revealed to him a whole new world full of new dimensions and many wondrous possibilities.The boy could only grasp what his tiny brain would allow him to. But his life was very simple.He had no worries as his surrender was pure and his mind crystal clear. His faith had taught him that the Master would always un-complicate any problem in a jiffy.And so the boy enjoyed a carefree and happy existence.

The ways of the world occasionally brought some questions that would cause confusion tofervently knock at his door.But his master always ensured that the doubts never remained indoors.

This time, A new doubt had arisen in the lad’s mind. The boy approached his master and asked with an air of utmost seriousness: "What should my goal be Master
 - to know the Divine?         (or)
 - to become an instrument of the Divine?"

The master just replied in a line with a smile:
"To know the Divine by becoming an instrument of the Divine".

The boy laughed with glee as the answer to his burning question was found. The best way to know the divine was by becoming an instrument of the Divine- how simple indeed!
The boy’s mind was once more free to resume his joyous everyday routine- to strive towards establishing a better tomorrow for the sake of the new world that would soon be.

78) Sri Aurobindo's Call For Action - First Editorial-March 2015 Issue-Sri Aurobindo's Action Journal

Sri Aurobindo’s Call for Action
“When I come back I wish to see some of you becoming rich, rich not for yourselves but that you may enrich the Mother with your riches. I wish to see some of you becoming great, great not for your own sakes, not that you may satisfy your own vanity, but great for her, to make India great, to enable her to stand up with head erect among the nations of the earth, as she did in the days of the yore when the world looked up to her for light. Even those who will remain poor and obscure, I want to see their very poverty and obscurity devoted to the Motherland.”
 – Sri Aurobindo
This was Sri Aurobindo’s final advice to the youth as the principal of the Bengal National College in 1907 before he receded from all social activities to begin his task of summoning the great supramental manifestation. He had stressed the need for a band of devoted servants who were willing to serve the motherland selflessly with naught but a bare maintenance and a roof over their heads.
This message resonates even more strongly today and Sri Aurobindo’s force echoes ever more loudly in every heart that hearkens to His call.
Though India today has risen to become a formidable player in the world front, her challenges too have become manifold. With the largest youth population in the world, we as a nation areheading by default towards our promised destiny of becoming a world leader. But there is a dire need to introspect as to how firmly we have answered this call of duty. In retrospect, one may as well ask oneself the very same question.
“What is needed now is a band of spiritual workers whose tapasya will be devoted to the liberation of India for the service of humanity”- Sri Aurobindo
With the descent of the Supramental consciousness on February 29th 1956, the Divine efforts of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo had borne fruit in the material and the golden gates of divinity had been forced open to all of mankind.  The seekers of the integral light were but entrusted a singular task – to ready the ground and create an atmosphere for the reception of the Divine Light.
And it is the only the youth who can successfully fulfill this task of becoming the perfect instruments of the Divine. The Mother describes the word youth to not denote the number of years, but on the individual’s capacity to grow and progress. Many a times we find young people to be old and old people to be young and dynamic. The Secret to eternal youth lies in responding to the call of the spirit. For as long as the flame of psychic burns, the youthfulness of the spirit remains.
A divine future for our world can be ensured only by the Divine youth and every single one of us has been vested with the choice to decide whether or not we can remain young and strong enough to heed the call of the Divine.
From a cursed slumber a Goddess shall soon awake –
When a great burden young shoulders shall take.
Five hundred million hands shall unite again,
To re-construct a Utopia for all to gain!
The golden bird shall once more spread wings and fly;
And new dawn's Orb shall adorn the morning sky.
Only when a latent talent, young blood shall harness
Light shall re-emerge to guide us from abysmal darkness.

Let all of us unite and play our own role, either individually or collectively,so that our nation shall soon fulfill its destiny of becoming the Jagadguru (Guru of the World)!

Indeed, it will be a beautiful day when we shall hear our children of tomorrow sing-

Where on every branch, you find birds of gold nestled- that nation- that Bharath- is my motherland. Glory be to the light of the world.”

Monday, 15 January 2018

77) Portrait of a Hero

Am just a bundle of flesh and bones mortal
And yet I dance dreaming of the immortal
As  I sing this silent song aloud
And disappear into life's merry crowd

The past and present both have become distant
And I see not a desired future at any instant
But My own tunes make me shed all my fears-
And my eyes brim with a roaring lion's tears
I have lost  everything and become the winner
From the sinner, i have become the redeemer

No more can the world trap me in time's snare
For I warmly laugh with open arms at death's cold stare
My life may end without a single fulfilled wish
But celebrate I shall every painful moment's anguish
Because the spirit inside no force can ever cage
And unto eternity it shall never cease or age-
So I hold on to it to stop being 'Me'
And the difference between us ceases to be!  

Monday, 21 September 2015

76) The Ascent to Liberation

Stage 7: The Cage:

At first the individual begins to feel that he is being bound by limitations both external and internal. and begins to experience that though he is living his life, he is actually not free.  His soul seems caged and he sees only two plausible options; either to choose to give up or to choose to find freedom.

The minds that are weak choose the former and such beings are trapped in darkness precisely because they have chosen to. Such beings remain caged until their inner being's consciousness emerges and propels them to choose the latter.

Those who choose the latter refuse to believe that their destinies can be caged or limited and so they begin to find a means of expression and release  from the apparent cage. They eventually find their release and hence ascend to  the next stage- The stage of resistance.

Stage 6: The Resistance:

Even though the being has escaped from the first trap, this second stage is not the real freedom.  The individual now  faces great obstacles that he has to seemingly overcome all by himself. He has to swim against the current alone and familiar faces of the past try to convince him of the pointlessness of his resistance. If he listens to the ghosts of his past, he gets swept away by the currents.

If the individual does not yield to the coercion, he reaches the land safely. He can afford to take a sigh of relief and look towards the horizon but not for long. A new journey awaits him on the land.

Stage 5: The Maze

The land is bustling with activity with a lot of people moving around in a hurry. There is plenty of food and water and all the other material comforts that most people consider vital for life and the road on the land looks straight and simple initially.But as he walks a little further he realizes that he has actually entered a maze. He finds different dead ends but he does not stop. He has to retrace his path over and again. He comes across many fellow travelers who have crossed the river of resistance just like him. But not all of them choose to ascend the mountain as they have built very comfortable homes for themselves and are happy with living inside the maze.  But his heart reminds him that he has not come this far just to settle down and it nudges him to journey onward. His destination is the snow clad mountain at the center of the maize. So he does not turn back and forges his way ahead.

After many attempts he reaches the base of the snowy abode.

Stage 4: The Mountain

He is jubilant now for he really has come closer to his destination. He looks around to share his joy with his fellow beings but finds that he is alone. He heaves a sigh and looks up to the clouds into which the mountain disappears and then smiles.

He resumes his journey. The wind is cold and the food is sparse. But the cold does not bite him and the hunger can not fatigue him as he is energized by the very fact that he is now very close to realizing the inner hunger of his soul. Finally he reaches the top. Like the spring blossom announcing the end of winter, the rays of rising sun bathe his body in gold and he feels one with the great sun atop the snow covered peak.

Stage 3:  The illusion of Pseudo-Gnosis

After bathing in the golden light and experiencing a bliss divine and complete. He looks downwards and he begins to think that he has reached the top of the world. The tip of the peak that no-one has ever scaled before. The world begins to appear small, insignificant and empty. He tries to scream out to the little dots - the people who are living down below -"Listen All of you, You are all trapped in an illusion. The truth is resplendent, beautiful and it can only be found here! How can you all just stay there? Come here, Ascend! Somebody! Anybody?''

All his screams fall on deaf ears for the world below cannot hear him. They are too far away and too busy in their own lives to think or care about what he has achieved.  He experiences disappointment and that disappointment teaches him that there is a higher realization awaiting him.

Stage 2: The Gnosis of Illusion

He withdraws inwards and re-analyzes his path and journey in search for an answer. And it is in the depths of his inner silence that the realization dawns upon him. The physical Sun though present in the sky is also omnipresent across the universe. Light and darkness are but illusions and manifestations of its presence and absence.

He realizes that there is an ethereal sun, a mystic power that powers this sun and that though the light of truth appears veiled, It is omnipresent. This is the truth and logically all else is falsehood.  The creator is the truth and the creation is but an illusion.

With this new found understanding he decides to return and descend the peak and spread this new found knowledge and suddenly a question a haunts him.

If the creator is the truth, what is the point of the illusory creation?

His life, His entire journey- the cage, the river, the mountain, the challenges, the joy, the sorrow- are all these to a part of a pointless illusion?  if not where is the meaning?

He stops and decides that the higher truth is yet to be found out and decides to go deeper within.

Stage 1: The liberation and Realization

In his meditation, slowly his outer and inner mind get silenced and merge. The final chaos disappears and there is a silent and peaceful calm within which echoes the silence of the winds that rage around him.
His very existence as an individual and separate entity has ceased to be and his mind is now illumined and his body has become one with the universe.

All then becomes clear as crystal. The illusion of the creation is also the illusion!

Yes.  There is no cage! There is no resistance, There is no maze! All are but illusions and restrictions created by the mind. The path to the top of the mountain was always straight but his pseudo desires always prevented him from realizing it and caused him to go in loops.

The same truth that can be found on top of the mountain can also be found at its base.  It is everywhere.

From the nucleus of the smallest of atoms to the outer limit of the ever expanding galaxy.  In all the beings. In every life. In every death.

This Truth is in the action of the forces that set the world into motion and  that turn the wheel of karmic action to bring forth the evolution of the creation.

With this realization the soul leaps into the sky and he becomes He!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

75) The Oath of Consecration

All my talent and all my wealth--
My every action in sickness and in health
Only in your name hallowed I consecrate
And their fruits to you only may I dedicate

In honor, dishonor; in failure or fame--
Make me thy instrument of the divine game
Bring forth the ascent, release me from every bond--
May this soul serve Ye in this life and beyond!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

74) Notes on the Gita: Shloka 1: The Cause of The Mahabharata and its relevance

The Gita begins with this verse:-

धृतराष्ट्र उवाच
धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः ।
मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत सञ्जय ॥ १-१॥

dhṛtarāṣṭra uvāca dharmakṣetre kurukṣetre samavetā yuyutsavaḥ
māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva kim akurvata sañjaya 1.1

The blind emperor Dhritarashtra asked the oracle:
“Gathered together in Kurukshetra to battle
Assembled eagerly to prove their mettle
The Pandavas and my Karuavas poised for a fight
O Sanjaya! What happened there? Share your Divine sight” |1|

The epic poem -Bhagavad Gita opens with the above verse wherein the blind emperor, Dhritarashtra asks the oracle- Sanjaya to narrate the events occuring at Kurukshetra. A massive family feud that would ultimately lead only in the destruction of innumerable lives and widespread carnage was about to take place. Massive armies had come together and formed alliances between the two sparring rivals- The Pandavas and the Kauravas. But what was the reason for the origin of this terrible war that split the great royal family and brought about only destruction.

The very first verse of the Gita answers that question. The emperor Dhritarashtra asks Sanjaya what happened at the battle where "

The Pandavas and My Karuavas were poised for a fight" . For this very word 'My Kauravas' explains that he never really considered The Panadavas his own. Though the Pandavas and Kauravas were born to different mothers, they did share the same blood line. They were blood brothers. The Pandavas too belonged to the same Kuru clan but by their high deeds they had created a clan name of their own

So when the children of Dhritarshtra were very much raised with this feeling that the Pandavas were outsiders intruding into their own family space to usurp their throne - it is but natural for the Kauravas to feel hatred for the Pandavas. But does this absolve the sons of Dhritarashtra of any of the blame? No it certainly cannot. For it was their hatred for the Pandavas that lead them on the path of destruction. Everytime the Pandavas progressed- the green eyed monster within the Kauravas only grew stronger. It is said that when one allows a hatred to grow within one's heart - the ability to discriminate between right and wrong gets clouded and the being ultimately walks down the downward spiral of life in the course of time. Though they had been raised in a hostile environment- they had the freedom to choose their path of life- the path of empathy or the path of hatred. They chose the latter and hence had to bear the consequences of their choice.

It was the selfishness in acquiring their kingdom by vanquishing the Pandavas that lead the Kauravas to perform all their misdeeds. This verse finds great relvance to the modern day life where the society indoctrines the principle of selfisness into every individual. What people fail to realize that when they begin to make compromises for their own kin and begin to resort to unfair means to propel their own individuals- they ultimately lead to their own and their beloved one's downfall. Look what happened to the Kauravas- Their Selfishness brought both their own destruction and also their loved ones!

There is this beautiful sanskrit Subhashitam or saying:

अयं निज: परो वेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् ।उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् ॥
ayam nijaH paro veti gaNanaa laghuchetasaamudaaracharitaam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam

This man- He is mine. This other man-He is an outsider and does not belong to me.
Such is the thinking of narrow minded individuals. But the broad minded individuals believe- The whole world is their family and so it belongs to them- Vasudha eva Kutumbakam

73) Freedom

By your desires you are bound-
So trapped- how can freedom be found
Making incessant circles you run-
Claiming it to be life's greatest fun?

Millions died to give us this free air
Big bellies hog on food and do not care
Brethren in the neighborhood hungry scream
Illiterate children are taught not to dream

For our families we build golden cages-
This bubble has been growing since ages
The poor have nothing, the rich lust for more

Ignoring the imbalance, we close our door
Though I am silent and I do not shout
I have had enough- I am walking out
In a short life- I'll see what i can do

I want to be free- what about you?
A single life can really do nothing-
But when many join- they can do everything!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

72) He

Laughter and sorrow, pain and bliss all stem from Him
All creations and destruction occur as per His holy whim
All the living are but from his own womb born
He is both- night's darkness and the light of the morn

He alone is not bound or caged by nature's ploys
Yet in her courtship countless pleasures he enjoys
And yet detached - for aeons He does not interfere
And to this principle he is ever firm and austere

A throat all cold and blue and a Trident in hand
With the serpent necklace- alone he has to stand
Inconceivable to the mind and unknown to all
He silently bears the grief of all those who fall

He has no father and yet he is your father and also mine
To his children he speaks in the veiled language divine
"Who is He?" if to find Him is your life's sole task-
"Who are you?" this question to yourself you must ask!

Friday, 19 December 2014

71) Tree of Life

Many long days drenched in the rain I stood-
Turning skywards only I truly understood-
A storm cut loose when my chest I tore
For a great golden burden my heart bore

A gush of light exploded into night's darkness
So that its sunlit warmth all would harness

Th Gate had opened and the golden light had appeared
The mighty walls of stone all just melted and disappeared
Days and seasons passed away like winds of change
I had withdrawn and now nothing seemed so strange

My heartbreaks  I knew were but leaves that had to fall-
Merely vestigial in purpose, responding to Autumn's call
Become I had the link connecting the soil to the sky-
Frail creepers embraced and kissed me to a zenith so high

From my roots i realized my immaculate virgin form
I was the shelter of recourse, I was the terrible storm

Rediscovering my self, Once more I became life's tree
My branches nestled only birds that sought to be free!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

70) Mirror Heart

My mirror heart writhing in melancholy aches
Its glassy surface everyday suffers minor breaks.
As it reflects a discordant world when it sees-
The same pitiful story written across the seven seas. |4|

Machine-men killing each other for pieces of land
And religions forcing people to chop their brother's hand
False teachers in young minds planting seeds of hate
A greedy few controlling the entire world's fate |8|

A web of information connecting a billion minds
And yet everywhere disconnected lives one finds
Greed destroying nature to fulfill wanton desires
And corporate lust only fueling these wicked fires |12|

The destitute and aged in dingy corners lying in the cold
Disillusioned youth seeking pleasure but their prime sold.
The rich with their cakes and yet suffering in prosperity
The poor without crumbs dying in economic disparity. |14|

The same reflections every passing day, month and year
As a mute spectator I watch as more cracks appear.
"Come forth and shatter my heart!" to my Lord-God I pray,
So to the world - His thousand reflections I will proudly display. |18|

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

69) The Rise of India: A youth Anthem

From a cursed slumber a Goddess shall soon awake -
When a great burden young shoulders shall take.
Five hundred million hands shall unite again,
To re-construct a Utopia for all to gain!
The golden bird shall once more spread wings and fly;
And new dawn's Orb shall adorn the morning sky.
Only when a latent talent, young blood shall harness
Light shall re-emerge to guide us from abysmal darkness. |8|

Lines of Division and Communalism will be erased
Institutions of hate shall non-violently be razed,
To create a free nation without a border,
To establish and set forth a new world order.
A great World War of Peace shall be fought-
Universal brotherhood and harmony shall be sought.
With the flapping of the wings of the symbol dove
All wars shall end with a singular weapon- Love. |16|

Our fore-fathers and brave hearts laid their lives bare,
Sacrificing everything to entrust an ideal in our care -
A freedom of thought, expression, growth and prosperity.
But today we lie caged again, wallowing in self-pity
What was promised, what did we receive?
Whom did we entrust our legacy, whom did we deceive?
Disrespecting our elders hard earned freedom,
To greedy leaders we surrendered in fiefdom! |24|

How many more nights can we silent sleep?
Our pained mother has already begun to weep!
Rising up from a shambles,shackles we need to break
Summoning a new path for the world's sake.
The skies scream this call from end to end-
To every parent, sister-brother and friend,
A beacon of tomorrow’s victory the seers send,
To awaken any earnest soul who has an ear to lend :- |32|

"Hundreds shall fall down, Thousands will rise again.
I may fail, you may too - But we will not fail!" 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

68) A Love Song

Are you a dream, or are you for real
Who are you? Oh, Just end my ordeal!
You have been standing, Far away for so long
Just a little closer, dear do come along.

Like the morning is by the beautiful dusk cloaked
Your face by the tresses, partly visible -partly vieled
My beating heart, heard then the sounds of gentle feet
And your scarf's shadow my heart-waves rose to greet

I run into you, on every ocassion, on every turn that i take
And With in-complete conversations my heart you break!

Call me once more, by your lips say my name
Oh Call me once more, by your lips say my name (Echo)

And as I fall down,  In your arms grab me once more
And as I fall down,  In your arms grab me once more (Echo)

Oh Are you a dream, or are you for real
Who are you? Oh, Just end my ordeal!
You have been standing, Far away for so long
Just a little closer, dear do come along.

(Poetic rendtion of Kishore kumar's Khwaab ho tum ya)

Monday, 13 October 2014

67) Shiva Manas Puja (English)

(An english rendition of Adishankaracharya's Shivamanas Puja)

Studded with precious gems, i offer this seat
Divine clothes with the best jewels from all quarters.
Bathing you with the soothing Himalayan waters,
I smear a sandal paste,and the aluring musk scent sweet.
With Jasmine and magnolia floral decorations
With Bilva (Aegle) leaves and incense oblations
And a Butter lamp, O God- O Sea of compassion
Lord of all living beings, hearken my heart's aspiration |1|

In a vessel golden embedded with the gems nine
I offer you clarfied butter and payaasam so fine
For you, to consume five foods i have dressed
And a drink of milk, curd and plantain fruit- best
And flavored with vegetables, water so refreshing
And a piece of camphor too i have set forth burning.
With a betel leaf -my offering is complete in every  aspect
O Lord, This prayer readied within my mind please accept|2|

With the two chamara fans,Under an umbrella's shade
I fan you, Clear mirror like-  my consicence- I ve displayed
The stringed Veena, mrudangam and the kette drums resonate
And the musical sounds of songs and dance in the air vibrate
Before you i perform a full body prostration
And sing the various divine hymns in your adulation
This concert orchestrated with my thoughts in your respect
O Lord, This worship dedicated to you, please  accept. |3|

The Divine mother is  my intellect, and my soul your own
Your attendants are my Praana, and my body your home
I offer as worship every worldly interaction  that i go through
And My sleep is but a awakend state of complete merger with you
Like circamublating barefooted your hills sacred and holy
Through life i wade, singing the hymns in your glory
My every action is performed wholly in your devotion
O Shambho,Every thing is only in your consecration.|4|

The wrong actions I have performed by my feet or my hand
Through sight or hearring or the sins performed by mind
Those that were both knowingly or unknowingly done
Cleanse me of all the faults and grant me pardon
Glory to ye, O Sea of Compassion - O lord of Gods,
                                             the MahaDeva Shambho |5|

Friday, 10 October 2014

66) The RajaHans

( The story of a Rajhans- the King Swan realzing his destiny in the Himalaya)

All my life I swam along with the geese
In my little pond without poise or peace
Cast out and rejected by all -young and old
"You are not one of us"- so i was told

My brothers and sisters frolicked and played
Exculded forever- A simple company i craved
I asked Why? -But an answer I could not find
I was just so different in both body and mind

We began migrating as the seasons began to change
In my flock, Even my flight seemed all so strange
In the clouds, I told them of the mountains i dreamed
"Your Life is a farce"- in union they screamed

In the most painful words, even my elders talked
My everything they only  ridiculed and mocked
To hide my tears,I flew a little ahead but lost my way -
Oh! none bothered even to search for me-that dark day!

Night had befallen and my way I could not see
Hungry and lost, i sought refuge of a mighty tree
All  night, I tried in vain to quietly sleep
My family left me, many long hours i did weep

Parched and pained i searched for the nearest pond
I reached a lake where many pink lotuses spawned
It's waters glistend golden in dawn's morning light
While greedily gulping the waters i saw the heavenly sight

The Sun had risen from behind the white mountain peaks-
Just like the dream i had been seeing in the past weeks
And there were some beautiful birds- all so pristine and white
Awed I was by thier divinity- so warm and bright.

Very quickly and yet gracefully all began to alight
One being came close to me and said in a whisper:
"It is getting late now.We need to go brother."
Hand in Hand with that being i too took flight

By an ecstacy of realization I had been overcome
"I am the RajaHans and the Manasarovar -my home"

65) No You Never Have (An attempt at translating the Quawali Nahi Re Nahi )

Have you ever thought of this?
From where is it that you have come?
To where is that you will go?
No you never have.

Oh! Have a look at this world
See what types of people there are
Their real nature did you recognize?
No you never have.

You are one, So is your God
He speaks so - you tell me
With Him did you ever converse?
No you never have.

You exclaim what you have made
How magnificently things you arranged
Oh! Every thing only HE has done!
Only tall tales you have faked 

Anyone has a heart
Anyone has a right
Have you ever looked inside
No you never have.

Life is such a puzzle
And the time- so terrible
Do you understand it's truth
No you never have.

The same God that you call yours
Is also the God I call mine
So if i disagree with your view
Why is that you have me punished?

Oh, Someday come inside the heart and see
Oh, Someday come inside the heart and see
Oh, Someday come inside the heart and see

(that)I am your awakened free spirit

I am your awakened free spirit
I am your awakened free spirit!

64) A Curse on ISIS

"lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muhammadun rasūlu-llāh "
With a sacred prayer, your days you begin-
How dare you, in HIS name spill the venom of sin?
Do you not Fear that From the mighty skies
You are incurring the wrath of your Allah's eyes?

The greatest of imams and prophets,
The mighty Qalandars and the sufi poets
Since times ancient quoted the Koran to say -
That A true Islami only seeks the peaceful way

Shame on you for killing your own brothers!
At a time when all the world suffers
The pains of hunger, disease and flood
Yet You seek to form your own state-bathed in blood!

Angry eyes curse you- for taking the road of Shaitaan
For you have begun to turn man into a Haivaan!
Like man-eaters oh so blind you have become
Your own minds by the devil have been overcome

Even Life has now declared you Haraam*
After death -your souls shall gain no aaraam (peace)
The women in Hijabs can be called symbols of sacrifice
Not you- you masked cowards robed in clothes of vice!

When the powers to give life-you do not posess
By killing innocent lives- whose religion do you profess?
Mend ways and change- for it's already too late
The curse has been put, repent to alter your doomed fate.

As a pained brother this message i now share-
These minnions of evil ,May Allah not spare!

* This poem is a curse on the terrorist organization that has been justifying the killing of innocent children, women and men in the name of religion. I am not a muslim but i believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that the Holy Koran cannot permit the killing of a single innnocent life in the name of God. Shame be to the terrorists for spoiling the very religion they use for their selfish propaganda...The Curse of Humanity shall forever be on these followers of Shaitaan

Thursday, 2 October 2014

63) Hymn to Durga

(An adaptation of the original Hymn to Durgra by Sri Aurobindo, my beloved lord.)

O mother Durga-the golden lion you ride
From your plenty vault - limitless strength you provide
Thou art the beloved of Shiva, from whom we have taken birth
We the young hearts of India invoke ye-to emancipate our worth
Come forth, let your power descend on this temple land
Grace us  O Mother, with the touch of thy golden hand. |1|

O Mother Durga! since many aeons ago
Assuming human form, life after life we come and go
Thy bidding we dedicatedly perform and roam
And return to the blissful abode- our sacred home
In this birth too, we uphold the promise that we made
So Mother, Descend on earth- come to our aid. |2|

O Mother Durga, riding on thy vehicle-trident in hand
Thy body beautiful, clad in impregnable armour you stand.
O Mother, harbinger of victory- India yearns for thee
Thy resplendent form, we legitamately seek to see
With folded hands we plead for the descent of the divine
Come forth and reside in India -a home considered thine |3|

O Mother Durga! You empower love and knowledge
With your force most fierce and terrible
Your from most gracefully divine and beautiful
In the battles of life and for the Battle for India
We are your warriors deployed for the war
The might of titans Bestow upon our hearts and minds
And to our intelligence,soul- Godly knowledge and character |4|

O Mother Durga! the noblest race of mankind
India-besieged and engulfed in darkness we find
To scatter darkness, You rise from the horizon of the east
Dawn is but the glow of thy irridiscent feet
Spread thy light mother, Destroy the darkness. |5|

O Mother Durga! We are but children of yours
Make us fit to reach the ideal by your powers
Banish our faults, our selfishness and our fears
A great work through us awaits to be done
O Mother a mighty victory is to be won |6|

O Mother Durga! Thou art the raging Kali
Robed with naught but a garland of human heads
With the sword in hand, you slay the demons- Asuras
Pititlesssly Slay the demons within us, O Goddess
Let none survive, Obliterate them all,
Mother cleanse us so we may be pure-
Come Mother,herarken our call to Reside |7|

O Mother Durga! Selfishness and lowness blares
In India - fearfullness in every eyes' glares.
Make us puissant and also strenghten our efforts
Mother, Banish our small and little desires
Make us overcome lehtargy and our fears. |8|

O Mother Durga! Spread in all directions Yoga
Thy children we are, bring forth in us a rennaisance
Of the forgotten knowledge of our ancient past
Bestow upon us and the world - the grit of character
The aegis of devotion and faith, and the weapons-
Chastity,austerity and the Knowledge of truth
Mother, Show up on earth for us to find-
Destroy all ills for the sake of mankind. |9|

O Mother Durga! Slay and annihilate
The demons within and the hurdles without
May the supreme race of India-
Heroes of the love of unity, and masters
Of the written words and arts
Of sciences of material nature and spirit
With it's fertile lands and towering peaks
With gleaming rivers meandering past
Mother, come to us and Manifest for India to rise|10|

O Mother Durga!Enter our bodies
Let thy energy be the blood flowing within
Make us thy weapons for dispelling ignorance
- The all slaying sabre and lamp of truth's light
Listen to this cry of your chidlren young
Become our master and command-
Wield us to fulfill this era's demand
To rid darknes of it's every shade.
Mother we humbly summon ye to Manifest|11|

O Mother Durga! make us thy awakend spirit
So we may never cast thy force away-
Bound to ye by the devotion of love
Take our mind, life and body
Mother come, manifest and claim us |12|

O Mother Durga! Shower of the Heroes Way
We shall never cast thy force away
With our lives as offerings to thy golden feet
Our bodies powered by thy energy and love
Hearken This prayer and with thy divinity manifest
Thy greatness to thy land -India, please bequest. |13|

Thursday, 25 September 2014

62) Shiva-Shakti

To stir Shiva out of his unfathomable trance-
Shakti, began to perform her cellestial dance
A warm wind began to pick up pace and blow
Encircling the seated lord, her energy began to flow

The Glaciers then began to wither and melt
And the Ganges emerged from the Himalayan belt
On the world's roof grew a mighty storm so warm
The golden tornado that stored the prana of every life form

But The lords meditation was perfectly unperturbed
Even by the world's greatest force-He would not be disturbed
Now Shakti desperately began to cascade balsts of light
The spritzes gave birth to life on the grounds of blight

In nature-animals and plants blossomed and flowered
By Shakti's grace life on earth was thus nurtured.
And yet Shiva's mystic trance - she could not break-
As a last Resort - she kneeled down for the lord to awake

In response to her prayers Shiva arose and emerged

"You and I are one-
Dual and singular both at once
Incomplete I am without you
And It is I who am expressed through you"

Thus he spoke before into light Shiva and Shakti merged.

Friday, 19 September 2014

61) Mrityunjaya - Victory over Death

One day my mortal body shall cease to be
Death though shalt not cast it's shadow on me-
For only my physical shall perish in the pyre-
But my spirit's aspirations shall only rise higher                         |4|

For my soul seeks not an escape from it's earthly stay -
Rejecting nirvana, It has chosen the arduous way
Shunning it's desire for moksha- the liberation
Out of the blue, has come this singular revelation                     |8|

The greatest journey is in this material destination-
Here alone shalt mankind reach a united salvation
The Future's irradience today, I can not Foresee
But with the powers vested within, I do solemnly decree          |12|

"A hundered times more I shall be born again-
In every birth, i shall joyfully embrace the pain
Till from the cages of  matter the spirt shall find release
Until Shesha's burden, the Jeevanmukta's shall ease                  |14|

Endless cylces of birth i shall take for this destiny to fufill
For this is the Divine's imperishable and immortal will        |16|

Friday, 12 September 2014

60) I Fear Not

I fear not that my poems shall remain just hollow words-
My greatest aspirations reamin but poetic constructions
The inner change that I seek - remain purely cosmetic
Dreams of freedom that i yearn trapping in my own bubble

I fear not the day the winds of change shall never blow
Not the dead end that embraces the untouched road
I fear not being washed away against the current
And all the scattered dots that shall never connect

I fear not bracing the cold on my own
I fear not waging a battle that is already lost
I fear not losing all hope for the world
I fear not abject failure in my every endeavor

For there is this singular truth that i can see -
"No Day shall come when i lose faith in ME!"

Sunday, 20 July 2014

59) The Puppet II

At the outset, the puppet had fervently bargained
A fee from his God whom he always entertained
That the promise to his heart be fulfilled and kept
Within this comfort's bubble he had peacefully slept

But this contract is now void and torn-
Along with the inner promises he had sworn
With the fall of the king and his castle in the air
Childish fantasies break, disappear and tear

The same heart that taught the puppet to sing
Shall no more dominate and remain king
With this, the heart-mind clash finally ends
Accepting defeat the heart quietly bends

The puppet shall not see see illogical dreams
And be not disturbed by emotions' turbulent streams
Within the mind's chambers hell build a barricade wall
No more shall his heart make him trip and fall

The string peircing the heart was the strongest to break
Letting the mind go was easy, but the heart most painful to forsake
But this king revelation I shall hold till my grave
"I am my master and I am my slave!"

An unexplored world's doors have opened now -
To reveal unknown secrets, I have to discover how!
The surrender is complete of the heart and the mind
Nothing is mine except the sunlit path I have to trace and find. 

'Nothing is mine except the sunlit path I have to trace and find. "

Saturday, 23 November 2013

57) Who are "You" ?

Aeons ago from the skies , a Divine voice thundered to the mortal world:

"Who art ye who seeketh me and yet weep?
Who art ye who call my name and yet suffer?
Who art ye who serve me and yet Fail?"

only SILENCE ensued

and till date no mortal has answered those questions!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

56) Who am " I " ?

I alone am witness to all that was once before; is now ; and all that will be .

Immutable and Unchanging , I am that dynamic force that turns the wheels of time.

I am - This moment.

Monday, 11 November 2013

55) Who is "He" ?

Said the seeker,
To the master;
"Pray tell me For I wish to be free
Please answer, i need to know Who is He ?"

Came the reply;
"He is the maker, He is the made
He is the carer and the cared              
He is the prayer, He is the prayed
He is the sayer and the said                

He is the slayer, He is the slayed.
He is the betrayer and the betrayed.  
He is the swayer, He is the swayed
He is the player and the played.      
He is the desirer, He is the desired
He is the admirer and the admired.    
He is the savior, He is the saved
He is the sinner and the sinned.

He is the victor, He is the defeated
He is the freer and the bonded.
He is the wounder, He is the wounded
He is the predator and the preyed

He is the bestower, He is the bestowed.
He is the revealer and the revealed.
He is the redemptor, He is the redeemed.
He is the healer and the healed

Know this: He is the seeker who is sought.
From Him arises every  aspiring thought
He is the life that banishes the blight.
He is the darkness that is bathed in light

By perfecting one's actions only can He be reached
This is the truth that every oracle has  preached.

He is all that was and all that will be,
He is in you -is one truth for me.

Is He in me?
That's for you to see! . "

54) Radha Krishna

The dark cowherd plays the bamboo flute-
Dreamy eyed- a figure so Divine and yet soo cute,
Setting the village maidens into an intoxicated dance
Why even the birds and animals were lost in a trance!

So docile and yet commanding was this hero's aura
So gentle was the master- the usher of the Future era
Basking in the sunlight, he too joined then the arena
Joy Incarnate he is -our God, our love, our Krishna!

He stood out in the crowd- the apple of every eye
Like the beautiful  full moon adorning the night sky
But On his handsome face was a smudge of concern
Scaning the crowd he searched for only one person.

The one whose anklets resonated his every tune
The one- whose company made time drift too soon
The one whose every breath chanted "Krishna"
Pure Love incarnate - she was His Radha!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

53) Santorini

Came then an explosion of joy that every life sought;
The great gush of the volcano that new life brought.

Like the second wind that revives the tired athlete-
An ardor that motivates even the old-weary feet.

Like parched lands embracing the rain's gentle kiss,
Drooping plants that receive the water they sorely miss.

Like the balm that makes the throbbing wounds heal,
A caress of love that even the numb hearts feel.

Like the roar of the King Lion from the mountain high:
The winged horse galloping upwards rising -piercing the sky.

Like the clarion's call bursting through the first dark cloud-
Every mortal ear  heard the sound clear and loud.

Ecstatic skies thundered flaunting the silver lining
Ushering moist blind eyes - The Heroes are coming!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

52) The Seeker's Song

( An Inspired translation of the Marathi poem "Dhyaas ek Sadhaka" )

Always a singular Passion's flame , may it burn within you
Persistence is the God for you,  Persistence is the God for you

Like the  Pole Star, may you shine  the path for you
Never halting on the way, the next step awaits you .
Engrossed may you ever be, in the penance that is for you

Persistence is the God for you,  Persistence is the God for you.

You may be all alone, with no one to stand beside you
Only obscure darnkenss you may find sorrounding you.
Whenever you feel insecure, Light the beacon inside of you

Persistence is the God for you,  Persistence is the God for you.

The chains of attraction and selfishness, may they never bind you
Don't you ever turnback,These bonds are just not meant for you
Become the aim you seek to reach, emotions won't overcome you

Persistence is the God for you,  Persistence is the God for you.

When the  destruction's tidal wave rises high  before you,
When a mountain blocking the path appears ahead of you
Become the mighty Thunderstorm and burst ahead the way for you

Persistence is the God for you,  Persistence is the God for you.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

51) Atmastakam - A Translation

Adi Sankara, eight years of age was wandering alone in the Himalayas in search of a Guru- The Divine Teacher. There he was asked by a sage. this question "Who are you ?"

It was then that Adi Sankara answered these six stanzas to the sage, Swami Govindpada Acharya who would later become his Guru and guide him to the highest of self realizations.

Adi Sankara answered:


I am not the mind neither the intellect nor am I the self.
I am not the ears, neither tongue nor the nostrils nor the eyes.
I am not Ether, neither  earth, nor  light, nor  air .
I am the conscious embodiment of complete bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I .  |1|

I am not the life force neither am I the Five winds.
I am neither the Seven elements of the physical body.
Nor am I the Five Sheaths of the Self .
I am the conscious embodiment of complete bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I . |2|

I am not aversion, neither am I rage,  nor greed nor desire.
I am not intoxication nor am I the emotion of jealousy.
I am not the Law of Life , neither wealth nor lust nor liberation.
I am the conscious embodiment of complete bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I . |3|

I am not sin neither virtue nor happiness nor sorrow
I am neither the Mantra neither the sacred sanctuary
Nor am I the Veda nor am I the ritual offering.
I am not Food, neither am I the consumer nor the consumed .
I am the conscious embodiment of compelte bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I . |4|

I not  death neither fear, nor do I discriminate the races
I am neither the Father nor am I the Mother.I am birth-less.
I am not the  brother neither am I the friend ,
Nor am I the Guru nor am I the disciple.
I am the conscious embodiment of complete bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I . |5|

I am the formless form that is  beyond the mind's imagination .
I am the omniscient, omnipresent, all pervading master of all the senses.
I am the conscious embodiment of complete bliss.
I am Shiva .Shiva is I . |6|

Monday, 29 July 2013

50) The Final Birth

Tossed off was I from the mighty mountain high
Became I the King-Eagle : Overlord of the sky.

Blown into the  Juggernaut-Hurricane's path of harm:
Became I the peaceful calm that dwells in the eye of the storm. 

Burnt to ashes was I then- in a terrible blazing flame
Returning from dust -the resilient Phoenix I became.

To quell my fire I was then dropped into the sea
Became I then the Great Flood for the next future to be.

Hopelessly buried for aeons was I deep in the underworld
The Tree of Life- I became when my seed sprouted and unfurled.

Transformed thus through Sky,Wind, Fire,Water and Earth
My Time arrived to finally end the cycle of endless birth.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

49) Messiah

In a mortal womb shall He be again re-born,
To rid our darkness and initiate the golden dawn.
The Pain of the Gods and Man alike he shall bear-
For a new destiny from this terrible fate us he shall spare.

Like the common man shall he suffer and grow
But with a smile, our future's seeds he shall sow.
Silently and aloof he shall walk barefooted on this earth
To emancipate Man and enlighten him of his worth

The Parents' love, protection he shall offer the orphaned
As a brother -caress he shall the  hopelessly wounded
None shall now starve for all he shall dutifully  feed
His Presence's warmth shall fulfill the desolates' need.    
To the material world he shall summon the spirit's light
Even to the ignorant blind He shall solicit Truth's sight
With mortal hands -he shall set off the next revolution
His majesty shall establish the new world for rapid evolution.

I know not when and how the mortal shall Hero become:
"But Ah my Love, I know You will surely come!".

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

48) The Angry River

Men and women of all ages embarked on the sacred road -
Carrying with them their desires and their little children in the cold.
For the legend of the Ganges was revered world wide-
Her pristine waters cleansed even black hearts that cruelly lied

Hoping to completely cleanse all the dirt of the mind
To touch its banks, in hordes thronged the superstitious blind.
So over the centuries scores of Men came and went -
Leaving behind in the holy river all their sin when they bent.

Amongst the thousands only a few came to humbly bow
For from their immaculate hearts no evil they could sow.
And great respect for the Himalayan river they deeply felt -
Not with Fear but with gratitude to its mighty flow they knelt.

But Many many long years time swiftly consumed-
The rivers silence to indifference was misconstrued.
With Every passing decade man's greed only grew-
"For Our ignorance one day all shall pay"- only a few good knew.

Quietly flowed the river witnessing the sins of man-
His collective misdeed imbalanced even Nature's plan.
One dark day, the threshold had been breached
Sorrowfully to the heavens the river goddess appealed.

The skies thundered a command to release the heavy rain
Now the silent river shall no more bear her burden,her pain.
Her turbulent flow now even the biggest boulder couldn't cage
Even the mountains shuddered at her furious rage.

Like a charging behemoth whose chains come unbound
Bringing a Tsunami of silt and all the debris that could be found.
Cities, men and beasts alike-the angry river consumed
In its path of destruction ,even innocent lives were doomed.

Yearning for loved ones everyone knelt down in the aftermath.
All young and old  togetherfaced for the first time-ganges' wrath!
"It's so very sad to think these lives all went in vain
Will our human nature still unchanged remain?"

Friday, 28 June 2013

47) A Beginning of Beginnings

Patiently I watched the last door closing,
Though all were closed I was still smiling.
In the future I knew not how I would go;
But tomorrows promise would surely show!

The last rope I had severed and finally cut:
My decision taken, my stance I wouldn’t but.
Twelve seasons I had worked and toiled-
Fate Intervened leaving all efforts foiled.

Now On hope and luck I could no more ride
But Enthusiasm still remained by my side-
Holding on to her, began I then a fresh start,
Fulfilling my duty, I would just play my part.

This turn would again fill my world with strife.
Nevertheless I have chosen this path of life.
Never again would I aimlessly roam
“Mother, Your son is soon coming home”.

Friday, 14 June 2013

46) Hope's Volcano erupts!

The Gods now are sleeping, it seems
For they respond not to innocent screams
This cruel trick on man, why time has played?
Where is the promised Hero?Why doesn't our pain jade?

If blaming the Gods for these delusional wounds is wrong,
Father,To which Illusion -have we  prayed then so long?
We refuse to accept this ugliness as faults of our own -
His own creations,when failed- Can the creator disown?

Moist eyed i once again sighed
When i heard a great mother helplessly cried!
Yet another victim of this Age so dark -
This wound may heal but will surely leave the mark!

Hopelessly we cannot resign to this pitiful fate!
But How much longer do we have to wait?
Today to our cries the Gods indifferent stand
Time is ripe for destiny to fall into mortal Hand.

No more shall we beg and crawl in god's name-
Grace we shall now snatch -our demand-our claim.
We shall light our own beacons of Hope
Indifferent Gods! watch us change our scope.
Stirred out of slumber with the broken hearts' wrath.
Blessings we shall command on our righteous path

Always together we shall stand in all our pains.
Fight We shall for the good that still remains.
In this war, many of us may perish and fail
But to tomorrows destiny- this ship will sail!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

45) Invocation To the Goddess of Goddesses

With folded hands, my beloved mother I sincerely call –
The Mighty goddess who oversees the lives of all.
Great Mother, this sanctum I have readied for you to reside,
Within my minds chambers, to you now everything I confide.

My sweetest incense and lamp in your name I ignite:
Accept my humble prayer, O beautiful one draped in light.
Assorted flowers I have plucked for your Floral tribute,
Accept my offering, I know you will surely not refuse.

Just as you have guided the great minds of the old:
Lead me to my destiny – for only you I shall hold.
You stirred Bramha to bring about the cosmic creation.
For every inspiration,Maa- you are the only reason.
In this age of darkness, only you are the light-
Grant your child with the blessing of foresight.

End my wait, for too long I have been hurt I feel:
With your grace, many minds and hearts I seek to Heal. 
In your sweet bosom I now joyfully surrender-
Hearken to my call – it’s only you I am after!